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Eclectic Colorado Wedding and Event Showcase in Denver

May 18, 2015

Eclectic Wedding and Events Showcase Denver



We have approached our monthly countdown for the annual Eclectic Wedding and Events Showcase!

Once again at Mile High Station, you can throw away your fears of the predictable expo formats and painful fluorescent lighting. We have all endured the generic corrals of pushy vendors moving us like cattle through a labyrinth of “I’ve seen this before… just pick one.”

Prepare yourself to witness Denver’s Best of the Best competing for your love, as we raise the bar every year to show you the endless possibilities in wedding and event entertainment. These aren’t your cookie cutter artists. On Tuesday, October 6th, 2015- The Eclectic Wedding and Event Showcase challenges us to challenge you to dream big, open your mind, and plan eclectic.

Between our talented sponsors, industry leading event professionals, and over the top incredible artists, you can witness firsthand what Pinterest is really made of. INNOVATION!

This year’s Vignette Competition themes are:

Alice in Wonderland

Nightmare Before Christmas

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Eclectic Style, leave Dorothy at home)

Cirque Du Soliel


Video Gamer


Game of Thrones: BEST IN SHOW 2014

Colorado Wedding show

 Dark Side of Sleeping Beauty: PEOPLE’S CHOICE 2014

Denver Wedding show

Dark Side of Sleeping Beauty: PEOPLE’S CHOICE 2014

Colorado Wedding and Events

  Dark Side of Sleeping Beauty: PEOPLE’S CHOICE 2014

Denver Wedding and Events

Pirates’ Bounty 2014

Colorado Wedding and Event

Pirates’ Bounty 2014 Floral by Alan Perry

Denver Events

Midsummer Night’s Dream 2014

Colorado wedding and event show denver

Steampunk Vignette 2014

denver colorado wedding and event showcase

To view past event photos and videos in our gallery and 2015 event details and updates- Please Visit:


BE A PART OF THE SHOW! Only YOU decide who wins the Best Vignette competition after our artists transform Mile High Station into a world of its own.

Contact Jewels at: eclecticweddingshowdenver@yahoo.com if you are interested in showcasing your talents as a VENDOR, SPONSOR, or VIGNETTE DESIGNER (TEAM) 2015 for details on participation.

This event only happens one night a year so make sure you reserve your tickets as soon as they are available online. Stay connected on my blog to be the first to know about event updates, ticket sales, and the inside scoop behind Eclectic- along with special offers exclusive to my followers!

5 Tips For Hiring a Denver Boudoir Photographer

January 05, 2015

Denver boudoir photography seems to be a dime-a-dozen commodity this time of year since Valentine’s Day is coming up.  There are so many “deals” out there and photographers offering this service, how do you know who to choose?!

denver glamour photography    boudoir photographer denver    boudoir photography denver

Here are 5 tips to help you decide:


This is no joke!  If you buy a photo shoot coupon off of something like Groupon, it may seem like an amazing deal, but buyer beware.  Groupon only gives 50% of that price to the seller, that means they’re working for even LESS than the grossly discounted price.  Why would they give you the same experience as a full paying client?  Think about it…


You should be able to meet with your photographer in person prior to the shoot.  Boudoir/Glamour photography is extremely personal, so make sure you’re completely comfortable around this person. Any photo shoot should be an awesome experience!!

Also, make sure you love their photography!  A good photographer will know how to direct you and shoot you in the most flattering ways possible to accent your assets and minimize your “issues” (let’s be honest, we all have them).  Make sure to go through their portfolio and ask questions.


As I said, Boudoir/Glamour photography is extremely personal, so know exactly ALL of the details prior to booking.  Where is the location?   Is it reputable?  Is it in a safe area?  Who else will be there?  Are you allowed to bring a friend?  Is the photographer well established?  Make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of the shoot before you commit!


Some questions to ask yourself or your photographer before you sign the contract:

  •   Is the retainer refundable should I change my mind or have to cancel?
  •   What is included with the price?
  •   What products/packages are available post shoot?
  •   What is your turn-around time?
  •   Is retouching included in the price?
  •   Will you be publishing or using my photos for advertisements?
  •   Will it be YOU shooting me, or someone else (such as an associate photographer)?
  •   Is hair & makeup services available and if so, for how much?


Most photographers do not provide wardrobe or hair & makeup.  Bring a suitcase with you to the shoot complete with several matching sets, or some that can be mixed and matched, shoes, accessories, and props.  Raid your friend’s closets and hit up the discount racks.  The photographer should be able to help you finalize based on what will look best on you and on camera.  Also, hire a hair & makeup artist – they will be able to get you camera ready, knowing what will photograph best.

Make sure you’re polished!  Make sure your nails are manicured and polished – if you color your hair, cover those roots – shave or get freshly waxed – slather yourself in lotion, head to toe!  Polished – head.to.toe.

I hope this has helped you prepare for shopping around for your Denver Boudoir Photographer, and I’m available to answer any questions via email or phone/text.  I love shooting women of all shapes and sizes and making them look and feel sexy in front of my camera.  Glamour sessions are one of my favorites and I’m thrilled to be able to offer this to my clients.

We offering GLAMOUR MINI SESSIONS on Saturday, January 31st – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Details are as follows:

  • $99  ($249 value) for 1 up to one hour – $149 ($349 value) for up to 2 hours
  • Professional posing and coaching
  • Turn-around time 3 days for proofs
  • Hair & makeup available for $100
  • Photo shoot on location (TBD – typically at a high-end or boutique hotel in the Downtown Denver area)
  • Password protected online viewing gallery for 14 days

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Denver Boudoir Photographers


The sessions are discounted from the A La Carte price because we are able to block the entire day out and dedicate the location to this one type of shoot, thereby saving you a location fee, etc.


Absolutely!  We just ask that you do not bring a boyfriend or significant other because they tend to get in the way.


Unfortunately no – these sessions are extremely limited on space, so we have to make sure you’re as serious and committed as we are.  It takes a lot of logistical planning to perfect a shoot day like this.


ONLY with your written permission (and only after your honey has seen them first (if it’s a gift))!


Absolutely.  We want you to look like you feel in the photos, and better…


You can hire us for a private shoot in the privacy of your own home, a friend’s house, or location of your choosing, but it will be at the regular price of $249/$349.


No way – we never pressure anyone into doing anything they’re not completely comfortable with!


We offer prints in a wide range of sizes of course, along with wall portrait sizes, canvas, metal, acrylic prints, albums, and the digital negative files.  Our most popular product is the Little Black Book which is 10 5x7s in a sexy little black book for $199.


I have a standard contract and will need the shoot paid for in full at the time of booking.  This will guarantee your spot!  I accept cash, check, or credit cards.  I will then send you some tips for preparing for the shoot, and posing suggestions to help you practice.  On the day of the shoot, I ask that you arrive at least 15 min prior to your shoot time to finalize paperwork and get into your first look.  After that, we’ll have a reveal session at the studio and then it will just depend on what types of products you want.

Ready to book?  Call or email us today to reserve your spot!  jewels@jewelsgray.com  720.771.2200

For more examples of our Glamour/Boudoir photography, CLICK HERE

denver boudoir photography

Denver Boudoir – Published!

January 02, 2015

Denver Boudoir / Glamour photographer published in the first print edition of Shutter Magazine!

denver boudoir photographer

I just can’t believe it!  My image of Emily DearHeart was chosen for publication in the monthly (and first-ever print edition) of Shutter Magazine!

“Shutter Magazine is about photography education.  Our goal is to provide current, insightful, and in-depth educational content for today’s professional wedding and portrait photographer.  Shutter Magazine uses the latest technologies to deliver information in a way that is relevant to our audience.  Our experienced contributors help us create a sense of community and establish the magazine as one of the leading photography publications in the world.  Shutter Magazine – by photographers, for photographers.”

The publishers always include an “inspirations” section where subscribers can submit their best in hopes of getting published. I am super proud to say that this image was selected and it’s by far WAY different than any of the other submissions!!

Find more about Emily DearHeart on her website at www.emilydearheart.com and your favorite social media platform @emilydearheart

For more information about Denver Boudoir photography (also known as “Glamour”), please click HERE.

Mile High Lashes – Denver eyelash extensions

January 01, 2015

Denver Eyelash Extensions are perfect for weddings, special occasions, or simply to avoid having to wear mascara.

Last year, my girlfriends bought me a gift certificate for lash extensions for my birthday.  I’ve been hooked (or addicted) ever since!

denver eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are quickly becoming the new spa treatment, and Mile High Lashes is the very best for eyelash extensions in the Denver area!  Oxana is so gentle that I usually fall asleep because the experience is so relaxing (I call it my nap appointment haha).

They provide length, thickness, and a more a natural look than some of those beauty products like the “fiber mascaras” recently on the market.

I refer all of my clients to Oxana – she is truly the BEST there is, and a total sweetheart.  Her personality, passion, and talent are to be admired, along with her excellent customer service and satisfaction.

How are they applied?

Denver eyelash extensions are applied individually to your natural eyelash (no strips here!) using a special semi permanent glue that does not damage or irritate the natural eyelash.

How long do they last?

They will last anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on your natural eyelash growth cycle.  Every lash is different and our licensed Estheticians will provide you with the perfect curl, weight, and thickness to meet each client’s individual needs.

How long does it take?

A full set takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and a partial set take about an hour and a half.  A touch-up is usually about an hour-long appointment.

Do you offer other services?

Yes!  We do customized facials and microdermabrasion.  Our specialists will develop the perfect facial needed for your skin type and desires.  With instant and gratifying results, we have several packages to choose from.  We also have natural treatments to make your eyelashes stand our and your eyebrows enhanced – you won’t need to worry about applying mascara or shading in those brows – perfect for those that have sensitive skin or prefer not to wear makeup.

Where are you located?

We are in South East Denver off of Hampden and Tamarac (behind Target and Benihana).

Anything else you’d like to add?

Our goal is to brighten your complexion and bring back those youthful features utilizing the finest skin care and all natural products.

About Oxana –

A licensed and insured Esthetician and owner of Mile High Lashes, Oxana graduated from Olympian University of Cosmetology in New Mexico.  Her perfectionist character and quality care keeps her passionate about her career!  Eyelash extensions, microdermabrasions, chemical peels, and all natural herbal skin products for customized facials is her specialties.  In her free time she enjoys traveling, skiing, spending time with her son, and trying out new cuisine in Denver.

For more information about Mile High Lashes and pricing, visit their website here:  www.milehighlashes.com

denver portrait photography

denver protrait photographer


denver makeup artist

denver hair and makeup artist

colorado springs photographer

Denver Portrait Photography – a workshop with Hugo V

December 17, 2014


denver portrait photography

Model:  Emily Dear Heart

I’ve admired Hugo V for years now.  He is a talented, self-taught photographer known for his work with tattooed alternative models, and his work can be seen all over Facebook and in industry publications such as Inked Magazine and his work with the Wild Girls (an alt modeling group).

So when I saw he was hosting a workshop in Denver, I jumped at the chance!  I have always loved the poses and expressions he gets out of his models, on top of the high contrast and beautiful lighting in his images.

Some of the models involved with the workshop were some that I have followed for a while, along with several I knew already, and I couldn’t wait to get them in front of my camera.

Hugo rented out a really cool, industrial home close to my studio in the RiNo neighborhood in NE Denver.  I was a sponge.  I tried to always keep Hugo close so I could hear all the questions other photographers were asking, and hear his responses.  I wanted to know everything – settings, how he chooses his lighting positions, cues to give the models, etc.  He showed several different lighting options, and how he moves through a shoot/location/posing.  There were so many little “nuggets” I took away from the shoot – I just can’t wait to put them to use in my own studio!

I am confident that continuing education is the only way to further your craft and develop your style, and mine just jumped up several points.  Now, who wants to do a shoot?! :)

Enjoy several of my favorites and call or email today to schedule your private shoot…  info@jewelsgray.com  720.771.2200.

denver boudoir photographer

emily dear heart alt model denver

denver portrait photographer

Model:  Graham Nation

denver alt photographer portrait graham nation

courtney dawn denver portrait photography

courtney dawn denver portrait photographer

Model:  Courtney Dawn

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